Umkleiden und Duschen befinden sich in der Vaasahalle und im Sanitärgebäude im Nordhafen. Die Duschmarken erhalten Sie beim Hafenmeister und auf dem Campingplatz.

Emergency station: harbor south, Kiel-Schilksee 

Furthermore, a motorboat manned by an emergency doctor will be on standby on the water during the races and can be requested by any boat of the race committee (flag white with RC) via radio.

Ambulance / Emergency Doctor:

  • From Kiel and Kiel-Schilksee: emergency call 112.
    From areas outside Kiel: 0431 19222
  1. Camping site
  2. Habour master
  3. Technical Race Office


North of the Olympic Center Kiel-Schilksee is a campsite for tents and caravans available in the period 03 August – 23 August 2022. Information on the use and fees can be found here soon. A reservation of the campsite is neither necessary nor possible.

Price per night

  • Tent for 1 PAX: 8,- €
  • Tent for 2 PAX: 16,- €
  • Tent for 4 PAX and more: 25,- € <
  • Team tent on request


  • Bus & Vans: 8,- €
  • Caravans / mobile homes: 10,- €

Vehicles per meter: 4,- €
Power: 3,50 €

We ask that you make your own room reservations in hotels, apartments or vacation homes.

Important contacts

Kieler Yacht-Club e.V.

Kiellinie 70, 24105 Kiel
Tel.: +49 431 85023

Sporthafen Kiel GmbH

Olympiahafen Schilksee
Soling 26, 24159 Kiel
Tel.: +49 431 260 484 21 

Traffic rules in Schilksee

  1. During the event, modified traffic regulations will apply in the area of the Olympiazentrum Kiel-Schilksee. All participants are urgently requested to observe the traffic signs upon arrival and to cooperatively follow the instructions of the police and the stewards working on behalf of the organizers. Participants will receive further instructions upon entering the harbor apron.

  2. During the event it will be possible to enter the harbor by car. The exact times will be published here as soon as possible. At night, the harbor area will be closed to all vehicles.

  3. Temporary access to the port area: Temporary access to the port area is possible after depositing a deposit of 50.00 EUR (card payment) valid for one (1) hour. The deposit will be refunded after leaving the port apron in time at the exit.

  4. There is sufficient parking space for vehicles in the vicinity of the Kiel-Schilksee Olympic Center. Please follow the traffic signs to the parking areas. Parking on the Fördestraße is prohibited. Vehicles will be towed away!

  5. Parking of cars or boat trailers in the harbor area or at the slip ramp for centerboard boats is not allowed. The harbor area is closed to all vehicles at night.


Entry Fee

A large event like the GIDJM has a completely different cost structure than an IDJM, which is carried out for a single class directly on the club premises. This is due to the higher logistical effort as well as the costs for material, moorings, boat charters and much more.

No, that is not true! An overview of all participating classes shows that the entry fees for World and European Championships in the classes range from 200 EUR (single-handed) to 500 EUR (double-handed).

For each boat a RFID security wristband will be issued, the deposit of 5 will be collected with the entry fee. When returning the wristband at the end of the GIDJM you will get the money back. In some classes large starting fields are expected, so that sailing will be done in groups. For the colored fleet ribbons a deposit of 5 will be charged as well. This amount will also be refunded upon return.

Das Meldegeld deckt nur einen Teil der Kosten der Meisterschaft.

Am Beispiel der 29 er Klasse ist auf der Folgeseite die Berechnungsgrundlage bei 80 Meldungen, sieben Tagen Veranstaltung ( und fünf Wettfahrttagen dargestellt (bei 250,- € Meldegeld). Wie man sieht ergibt sich eine Unterdeckung von 333,- €. Auch wenn man die Kosten für Personal (Registrierung, Helfer*innen, Geländesicherung) ausnimmt und berücksichtigt, dass die Preise und Giveaways durch direkte Sponsoren übernommen werden, verbleibt eine Unterdeckung, die durch Förderung der Stadt Kiel, des Landes Schleswig Holstein, weitere Partner/Sponsoren und den Kieler Yacht Club gedeckt werden muss.The entry fee covers only a part of the costs of the championship.

Using the example of the 29 class, the calculation basis is shown on the following page with 80 entries, seven days of event ( and five race days (with 250,- € entry fee). As you can see there is a shortfall of 333,- €. Even if you exclude the costs for personnel (registration, helpers, site security) and take into account that the prizes and giveaways are taken over by direct sponsors, a shortfall remains, which must be covered by funding from the city of Kiel, the state of Schleswig Holstein, other partners/sponsors and the Kieler Yacht-Club.

Age groups and U-rankings

According to the current regulations, the age U20 is valid for the GIDJM 2022. This information was communicated to the class association at the beginning of 2022. (Status 02.02.2022) Information about the age classes can be found in the following table:

4ILCA 4U202003U16
5ILCA 6U202003U17
7Open Windfoil Youth (includes iQFOiL
Youth + Techno Wind Foil 130)

Charter BOats

Bootsservice Gerd Eiermann GmbH

Herr Gerd Eiermann

Homepage: www.eiermann.de

Mail: mail@eiermann.de

Tel.: 0203-764242 

JESS Segelsport

Herr Holger Jess

Mail: info@segelsportjess.de

Tel: 04351-87137

Ziegelmayer Handelsgesellschaft mbH 

Herr Ferdinand Ziegelmayer

Homepage: www.ziegelmayer.shop

Mail: info@ziegelmayer.shop

Tel: 040 – 31 81 3001

Michael von Schleinitz & Sascha Kröner (Klassenvereinigung)     

Mail: Michael.v.Schleinitz@europe-class.de 

Anne Helms, Fynn Ausborm (Klassenvereinigung)


Mail: piratenkv@gmail.com

Deutscher Segler-Verband e.V.

Leon Delle

Mail: leon.delle@dsv.org

Tel.: 040-632 009 947

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