Olympic revival suffers from weak wind

Press release - 18 August 2022

Olympic revival suffers from weak wind

Big effort, little return: sailors and race committee struggled for usable results on the second day of the revival of the 1972 Olympic sailing regattas. At around 12 noon, race officers Fabian Bach (Tempest) and Robert Niemczewski (Dragon) sent their fleets onto the course. They gave everything, tried to start several times. What remained in the evening, however, was only one race for the Tempest, who thus have two races in the list for their World Championship ranking. At the top there was a change. Hannes Brochier/Peter Kern are now leading ahead of the opening winners Lars and Leif Bähr.

At the jetty there was a mooring beer and “Hells Bells” by AC/DC, on the water before only a lukewarm breeze. The Dragons struggled on the outer course for a long time, but in the end in vain. “We tried three attempts, in the third I let them go. But the wind shifted and pumped too much, so I had to abort after a few minutes,” explained race director Robert Niemczewski. Martin Görge had to pause for a moment when asked if the decision was right, but said: “The wind was difficult, but the decision was okay. For us, though, it was unfortunate. It was just looking so good when it was called off. We were tacking on the layline, had the whole field in the window and would have certainly arrived in a top position at the first buoy,” said the Kieler, who would have liked to sail at least a few short test races regardless of official races to make good use of the hours on the water.

The Dragon sailors cannot expect to be spared on the next two days. Since they will only sail until Saturday, race director Niemczewski plans to bring forward the run-out time to start three races each.

Difficult wind conditions on the Kiel Fjord. The Tempest struggled across the course at their Worlds and once again only managed one race. Photo: www.segel-bilder.de

There is a little more composure among the Tempest, who are still sailing their World Cup until Sunday and after two days at least already have two races in the list. Lucky winners on the day were defending world champions Markus Wieser/Thomas Auracher. “It was at the limit of what can be sailed,” said the Bavarian team. “For us as a relatively heavy team, the light wind is actually nothing. That’s why we fully relied on the forecast of the left hand turn, started at the pin end and went out to the left. At the first buoy we were already very good, defended the left side and did well with it,” Wieser said. He could well understand the abort of the second race: “That would have been too much of a good thing.”

Strange birthday celebration on Bahn Echo: Birthday boy and race director Robert Niemczewski (VSaW) let the kites go out. A race did not take place in the turning calm. Photo: www.segel-bilder.de

Wieser/Auracher moved up to fifth overall with the win after finishing eleventh in the opener. Lars and Leif Bähr (Berlin) had to give up their lead from the first day for the time being. However, their sixth place means they are only one point behind the new leaders Hannes Brochier/Peter Kern (Seebrucker RV/Diessner SC) and are level on points with third, Tobias Spranger/Felix Meggendorfer (Seebrucker RV). Peter Kern was satisfied with the day, but remained reserved about further ambitions and the burden of having to wear the yellow jersey: “That doesn’t say anything after two races. But we already want to sail in front. So far it has gone very well. The race committee has done a good job. But we like more wind. It’s difficult under spi in the flat breeze.”

The reigning world champions Markus Wieser/Thomas Auracher won the second race. www.segel-bilder.de

Text: Hermann Hell / Ralf Abratis

The Regattaplan

50 years of Olympic Sailing Regatta in Kiel-Schilksee:
Classes : Dragon (Ranking-Regatta/ 8 Races), Flying Dutchman (IDM/ 7 Races), Star (North European Championship/ 6 Races), Tempest (Worlds/ 9 Races).

  • Wednesday, 17 August: Measurment: Star; Races: Tempest – 1100 hrs. First Start
  • Thursday, 18 August: Races: Tempest, Dragon
  • Friday, 19 August: Races: Tempest, Star, Dragon, Flying Dutchman; 1800 hrs.: Opening Ceremony
  • Saturday, 20 August: Races: Tempest, Star, Dragon, Flying Dutchman
  • Sunday, 21 August: Races: Tempest, Star, Dragon, Flying Dutchman – after: Prize Giving Ceremony
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